I’m so scared…

I’m so scared of losing MyWife. I know she doesn’t really believe that, but it’s true. I’m terrified of it. As she was talking this evening about her therapy sessions, both yesterday and today, she mentioned grieving. She needs to grieve. I fear it’s grieving me and our relationship and moving away from me. (Here […]

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I just thought about looking at CL ads again. Maybe because there’s what looks like a cute Asian girl in the lobby… I’m telling my controlling child that I don’t need to do that or look at porn to deal with that.

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So this is my apartment too. My name is on the lease. I paid for the fucking place. I don’t care whether it’s morally right or not, I have a fucking legal right to be here. Some women would have kicked their husbands out on the street, says HerTherapist, some men would have cut their […]

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Just saw a couple of attractive women running on the trail, noticed a nipple or two and I just said to myself “aw fuck it lets just jerk of today” I’m thinking this way because I just saw FormerFriend?, an old/former friend and that brought up some pain. This whole morning seems kind of painful.

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Right now…

I’m sitting in the club room of my new apartment browsing on my iPad and casually watching he masters. I’m trying to get going with my day but I just can’t seem to… This seem like procrastination as a form of avoidance. I mean I should be reading materials or working on my disclosure or […]

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