Why am I having a beer today?

Because I can. Because I wanted to. Because I’m back at NeighborhoodBar perhaps? 

 It’s a Karbach Hopadillo an IPA brewed at Karbach brewery in Houston. I came over here to eat some dinner because it’s across the street from my apartment and I wanted to eat something before I went to my SAA meeting this evening.

A bold IPA without the bitter aftertaste!

Let’s recap my day and yesterday evening to see how I got here. Yesterday around 7:00 PM I started walking from my apartment over to MyWife’s. I just wanted to use the 4Runner to get my stuff and run it over to my new place. Somehow it devolved into an evening of tears and pain and me staying there. MyWife was having a really hard evening, she’d had therapy with Therapist that afternoon and came home wondering why I couldn’t be honest with her.

We ended up talking for quite a while and I ended up staying the night. I was supposed to get out of there first thing in the morning but one of our dogs, Izzie went nuts around 3:00 AM and hindered us from getting the appropriate amount of sleep.

– Breaking – Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose both blew easy puts on 18 and we are headed to a playoff at the 2017 Masters

Needless to say with that lack of sleep it turned into a morning and then half a day together. I got up and walked the dogs first thing in the morning (9:00 AM). I saw Friend/FormerFriend? on the trail, we had a brief chat. Then I made some coffee for us when I came back in, we had a bagel with peanut butter, some pineapple. We lazed about and watch Saturday Night Live, I folder the laundry and then I packed up the 4Runner with my shit and MyWife drove me over to my new place and helped me take in. We then went to Target, grabbed a few things and then went and had a sandwich together. MyWife then dropped me off at my place with plans of us meeting up later to sit on a patio.

I unpacked the stuff at my apartment, what I’ve brought over so far that is. Then I had a shower and headed down to the club room to browse the internet for a while and do a few things.

MyWife did call around 5:00 or 5:30 and say that we probably didn’t have time to go to a patio if I was going to make my SAA meeting at 7:30 so I headed over to NeighborhoodBar to grab some dinner.

I was just going to have a burger and water but I ordered a beer. I think I wanted to and I also think I was slightly self conscious about sitting here without having a drink. I do love beer, or most beers. Is it so wrong to have one drink? It’s been 1 week? Since my last drink, my 4th drink since New Years, that’s 1/mo. I don’t feel like I was using it medicate or stop any pain, yes there was a bit of self consciousness about not having one but so what. In the end, I am only having one anyways. Isn’t that ok?

What am I feeling? I had a few shakes at the beginning after starting the beer. I don’t know if that was from the beer or from something else.

Anyways, in the end, I think it was ok to have a beer. It wasn’t the end of the world and I wasn’t trying to stuff down any pain. Well maybe a little bit of shame, but not related to my addiction anyways.

Anyhow back to the Masters, it’s time for the playoff now. I will right down my goals for tomorrow later along with my gratitudes for today.

UPDATE – JUSTIN ROSE IS BLOWING IT!! First hole of the playoff, he put the first one into the trees and then duffed the second shot.  

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