Why is my nose so oily? Is it the prednisone?

So yeah, I have a really oily face. I recently started taking prednisone for my autoimmune disorder. Its nasty stuff, but thankfully I’m on a low dose and decreasing dose. I wonder if that’s what causes oiliness in my face or if it’s something else? Hmm…

I just finished my HIV/Aids awareness course. It was a 2hr course that was just reading and a few questions. It’s supposed to help with my legal case, sometimes the prosecutors look on it favorably. Oh yeah, I was arrested for prostitution (solicitation of prostitution) a while back and now I am dealing with the consequences. I have my third hearing next week. More on that whole saga when I post my story. Look for it soon.

I’m having some pretty strong urges to look at porn and masturbate. I’m trying my damnedest to resist, I’m going to get out the apartment here shortly and find somewhere to walk to for lunch. Hopefully that will help me for a few hours.

So far I haven’t done a great job of meeting the goals I set out for today. Some yes, so no, but the day is still relatively young and there’s still hope.

I’m going to quickly meditate and then find a place to go eat and do some reading. I have a bit of a headache at the moment, probably not enough water yet today.

#Porn&Masturbation #DailyStruggles #JournalEntry #Goals

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