End of the Day

So I didn’t leave the house today… but that was ok, I’m in a strangely ok mood. I did some reading today, nothing meaningful, but caught up on some things that I wanted to. I also caught up on a bunch of TV. Knocked out the last two episodes of Black Sails, such a good show, an episode of the Blacklist and another of Taboo.

I also cooked myself a nice supper, made some cookies, tidied up the house and had a call with my coach Coach.

I’m going to consider it fairly productive.

3 Gratitudes:
– A day to catch up.
– That today wasn’t totally depressing.
– That I feel a bit of hope.

Something good that happened today?
– A couple of good chats with MyWife?

Goals for Tomorrow:
– Get up early! For realz!
– Go to church
– Pick up grocers for homemade pasta
– Make Fettuccini
– Dinner and the evening with MyWife

#Gratitudes #Goals #JournalEntry

No Porn or Masturbation today!!!

Go Oilers Go!!

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