Friday Fail – Or Rather Thursday Fail, Friday will be my next blog post


Let’s start by recapping yesterday’s actions and goals:

Goals for today: (Thursday)

  • Call with Coach @ 10:00. – Completed
  • Call Health Partners about Insurance Claim – Completed – Needs more followup though – man did that put me in a bad mood.
  • Prepare Materials for Company Interview tomorrow – Meh – I give it a 50%
  • Apply to at least 2 more jobs – Yes, did that
  • Reach out to InvestmentBank – Nope, chickened out
  • Complete Chapter 3 of “Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift” – Nope
  • Go to SAA Meeting tonight – Nope – opted to go on a long walk with MyWife around white Rock Lake instead

Other nice to dos: – Didn’t even attempt to get to any of these

  • Fill out Journal and PCI templates and get them onto my blog
  • Read a chapter of Daring Greatly
  • Read a chapter of Gentle Path through the 12 Steps
  • Write Letter to FormerFriend?
  • Work on Finances

So what did I do yesterday? Well let’s see…

  • I had my call with Coach at 10:00. We talked for half an hour.
  • I applied for a few jobs, did some reading on the internet, I have no idea what I read, did some tidying up etc.
  • I attempted to go to the gym, but there were people there so I left and came back to the apartment. Not sure what I did after that.
  • Tried to go back to the gym again around 12:30 – still people there so I went and sat by the pool at my building (where I am now) and read the materials for Company and jotted down some notes.
  • Went to the gym at ~1:15 and did a workout, that took about an hour.
  • Came back to the apartment and made some lunch.
  • Not sure what I did after that.
  • Around 4:30, MyWife popped over and picked me up and we went and picked up WifeFriend’s dogs and then we took them home, got our dogs and walked around LocalLake with the dogs for about 3-3.5 hrs, it was a 10 mile walk.
  • Then we picked up a pizza on the way home, watched an episode of Southern Charm at her place and then she drove me home where I watched a couple of TV episodes before going to bed.

So how do I feel about that day? Well I feel like it was both good and bad. I did get some things done that I had wanted to, but not not some of the others. I also got to spend some good quality time with MyWife which was nice.

I regret not going to my SAA meeting a little though and I’m a had wanted to work on the Company stuff again in the evening, and didn’t but it turned out ok as you will see when I get around to journaling about today.

Anyways, just checking in the day. Didn’t feel like a great day. Nor does today.

Here are some pics from the walk, enjoy!

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