“I am rediscovering the joy of laughter that keeps me in touch with others.” – Answers in the Heart, May 3rd

It seems that laughter is the theme for this morning… as I switched to my browser to read something about pain, this is what I opened up: The Power of Laughter  from the Make it Ultra blog.

And then to further that, as I was flipping between my browser and my DayOne App, which is where I like to write my journal entries first, there was a quote from Shawn Achor displayed on the start page: “Our daily discussions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success.” I was already going to insert a link to Shawn’s Ted Talk which is just great anyways, so I guess I was on the right track this morning.

I think God is trying to tell me something.

Shawn’s Ted Talk:


So I am struck once again this morning by just how long everything takes and how quickly the morning and, truly, the rest of the day goes by. I managed to get out of bed this morning by just after 7:00. I made some coffee and and sat out on the patio to meditate (10 minutes only), read a daily meditation, read Our Daily Bread, pray and journal a bit.

Now it’s 8:24, I haven’t finished my journaling yet, I’m still eating my breakfast and I feel time slipping away. I’m constantly wondering how to fit more into each day. I know there’s a lot of time eaten traveling place to place. Also if I were able to get up an hour earlier or two that would add to my day, but I went to sleep at about 11:00 last night and I don’t know if I can do well with less than 7 or 8 hrs of sleep a night.

Perhaps I’m not making the most use of my time, perhaps my journaling/blogging method could be more efficient? I write it in DayOne and then clean it up and share it to WordPress. Perhaps, I should spend less time going to rabbit holes. I’m not sure. Either way it deserves some thought.

Like I said earlier, I’m nervous about my meeting with Friend today. I’m also worried for my brother and his wife, he is dealing with things similar to me and today is their anniversary and from what he tells me, she’s having a hard time and doesn’t want much to do with him. I’m trying to be encouraging to both of them.

Today looks like a cloudy and rainy day here in Dallas, which I’m looking forward to, I hope it rains a lot and storms, I enjoy those days.

Goals for Today:

  • Do a yoga video.
  • Call Coach.
  • Meet Friend.
  • Possible job interview in City.
  • Work on health insurance claims.
  • Work on Disclosure and First Step.
  • Meeting with group at Church tonight.
  • Be more productive!!


#Laughter #TED #Productivity #Prayer #Goals

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