Big Day Today

I am learning to be patient and to persevere in a world that was not constructed just for me and my pleasures. – Answers in the Heart, May 5th

Father, thank You for Your plans for us, and for the future that awaits us in Your love
. – Our Daily Bread, May 5th

Heavenly Father, I understand that sin has damaged my heart. I put my trust in the Savior’s sacrifice and ask You to wash away my sins and make me a new person. Thank You for what Jesus did for me
. – Our Daily Bread – Day 4 of Amazing Grace

All of the above are from my daily devotionals this morning – I just sliding into a pattern of doing them regularly, I hope I can keep it up – and to me, although maybe not to all they seem to be along a theme. I don’t know that I quite have the words to label it but they relate to future plans, and being made anew.

My addiction cost me almost everything I had. It cost me all my money and savings, many relationships, two jobs and possibly a career, my reputation and almost and maybe still, my marriage. In many ways it was also costing me my health and my life. I feel much healthier and while I still have chronic illness, it feels manageable right now and I truly think it’s due to not being in the depths of addiction.

Today I am going for a job interview. It’s not the first interview, and it likely won’t be the last, but it’s something I have hope for and am excited about. It may not pay the large salaries that I’m used to and it may not be in the traditional roles that I’m used to either, but maybe it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. My hope is that it’s what God has panned for me, it’s what will continue to make me a new person and that it’s not just made for me and my pleasures but it’s what I need right now and will take me to where I need to be.

I’m nervous but also excited and hopeful. I’m also grateful for the opportunity. I pray it goes well.

#hope #prayers #anxiety

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