New Week… no motivation this morning

Not feeling great about myself or life. I don’t have great power of will and I’m not awesome at sticking to things. I’ve noticed that towards the end of last week and over the weekend that I got lazy and my self care trailed off, my motivation trailed off and I watched a lot of TV.
I haven’t worked out since Tuesday or Wednesday, I haven’t been eating well, just junk food and popcorn. Everything seems like work and I’ve been putting off and avoiding the things that I need to do. It’s amazing that it’s been a week already since I accomplished some things.
Yes, I should be easy on myself on somethings, because there are somethings that I have done that were good, but those seem less relevant in this moment.
I was thinking to myself that I can make decisions, I can’t pick just one thing, I’m always wondering about the other path, did I make the best decision. Case in point, I have an Amazon Echo, I looked into whether or not it can tell me a daily affirmation. In fact I found two skills that give say Affirmations, so I enabled them both to see which is better. Maybe there isn’t a problem with that, but it feels like I do that with everything. I get analysis paralysis and lose track of what I wanted to accomplish in the first place. Even deciding what to make for breakfast can be a tough decision for me at times.
I have so much more to say and ponder this morning, but I have a phone interview in 15 minutes that I need to get ready for so I’m going to leave it at that for now this morning and hopefully I can pick it up again later today.

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