“I am rediscovering the joy of laughter that keeps me in touch with others.” – Answers in the Heart, May 3rd   It seems that laughter is the theme for this morning… as I switched to my browser to read something about pain, this is what I opened up: The Power of Laughter  from the Make […]

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Daring Greatly

I was reading about vulnerability and shame today in Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. Shame really has done a pretty good number on me and I’m terrified of being vulnerable. I’m also pretty tired of being hidden and living in fear, so my prayer tonight is that I find the strength to be strong and […]

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Tuesday May 2nd…

Dear God, just for today, let me be honest. If I have slipped, let me admit it. If I feel remorseful about something in the past, let me tell someone and heal. – From Answers in the Heart, May 2nd.   It’s only through Grace that MyWife still loves me and sticks by me and God […]

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Anxiety Builds

It’s kind of crazy how quickly my anxiety and tension can build back up. It’s also kind of crazy how quickly the desire to act out rises to match those feelings. I’m an avoider. I avoid conflict, I avoid difficult situations, I avoid pain and anguish.  Does that make me a coward? In the past I […]

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Creeping in…

It’s been almost 96 hrs, according to Nomo, since I looked at porn and masturbated. I’m back at my building this afternoon after spending the morning with MyWife. I know the urges are going to come strong today. I’m sitting down by the pool area and trying to do some reading, I’m only a few […]

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Saturday Morning…

I finally got up at a half decent hour. 7:00 AM after going to bed after Midnight, that’s not so bad for me. I don’t know why I have such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, but I sure do. I’m regretting those two beer and the wings last night. I […]

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